Important Technological Advances

Technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, and it is truly changing the world. There is no industry that has been impervious to technological advances. From phones, toys, and even medicine, technology is a game changer and will only continue to improve industries. By understanding how certain fields have benefited from technology you will be able to see the effect of technology on industry as well as everyday lives.


Then technological entrepreneur jason hope tells us.”One of the biggest technological advances in phones came with the iPhone as well as the smartphone platform. Today, a phone is much more than a communication device. It is a newspaper, a work station, a television, and it connects people around the world. Smartphone users will reach a total of 1.75 billion worldwide by the end of this year.” That is an incredible number and will only grow as nations across the world increase their smartphone use. Smartphones offer so much more than just regular phones, we learned during certain disasters such as the collapse of mine shafts and buildings and earthquakes that the smartphone can act as a flashlight and can help in emergency situations by providing basic tips for first aid. With technology Amber alerts can be spread much faster than ever before as social media sites are easily accessible to phones. Medical technology is even being combined with smartphones to help diagnose conditions and perhaps save lives. The possibilities for technological advances for phones is truly endless.

Medical Technology Advances

In addition to smartphones the medical industry has benefited immensely from technological advances. New in 2014 the number one technological advance has been that the bionic eye became a reality. There used to be no treatment that was effective for late-state retinitis pigmentosa, this particular disease caused patients to go blindal50b3c9d4 by the age of 40. However this new technology changed everything. It does not restore complete vision, but it allows individuals to detect dark and light within the environment. It also allows them to identify the location and movement of objects and people. What a tremendous breakthrough. Other great medical advances include targeted cancer therapy and even alert systems for surgeries. These alert systems during surgeries help doctors and anesthesiologists make better decision regarding patient care. The machines offer an alert system hat records the surgery as well as aftercare and if anything goes wrong alarms are sounded. It is truly a life saving device that also saves hospitals and doctors a lot of money.

Technology aids the world in so many ways. People have access to more information than ever before and this can lead to richer and fuller lives. In many instances this technology be it a smart phone or medical technology has led to lives being saved. Technology knows no boundaries and the only way to go is up.